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Who We Are

El Jimmy is the founding member of Relámpago Wheelery. He has been a bike messenger in L.Á. for 20 years (ouch)! He is also the original founding member of the Bicycle Kitchen/La BiciCocina. Without ever owning a car he is one Ángelino who has gotten a bunch of shit done atop two human-powered bicycle wheels. His son helps him on a tandem to school, on daring urban ice cream expeditions, hellish grinds up to the Griffith Observatory and the occasional deep dish pizza mission. Jimmy is dedicated to helping L.Á. see the light of bicycle and transform this amazing metropolis into the best place on the planet which entails saying adios to car culture. A life-long mission indeed.

Kyla (she/her/hers) is a recipient of the 2018 QBP Womxn's Bike Mechanic Scholarship and UBI graduate. She has been heavily involved in bicycle activism for 15 years and car-free for the last 7. She has occasionally raced bicycles but prefers focusing her time and efforts on making change behind the scenes. Kyla spends most of her time tinkering, enjoying the city by bike, and exploring new avenues for personal growth.

WhatWe Do


Dynamo Generators for bicycles are simple little electrical generators that utilize an armature of magnets and copper coils activated by your bicycling input. Dynamos are nothing new -- they’ve been around longer than bicycles themselves! But dynamos are to bicycles what ice cream is to pie; great individually, mind-blowing together.

At Relámpago Wheelery we are dedicated to helping you kick the battery habit! Dynamos last almost forever. We have a working Sturmey Archer dynamo hub from 1956! With today’s Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs you’d have to bike for 50,000 hours before having a problem. We carry a variety of dynamo generator (mostly in hub form), head lamps, tail lights and hardware to install them on your bicycle.

Email us for an appointment and we can talk about your lighting needs, your budget and what would work best within those parameters.

WHEEL BUILDING Hand-built bicycle wheels are art in motion. With well-selected components to match the application and a consistent build approach, we build wheels that will last, look fantastic and match your and your bicycle’s personality. We wield our builds with pride and love.


We mostly focus on getting dynamo lights on your bicycles, but along the way you might find some bicycles here at our bicycle studio that might interest you. We do not currently carry new bicycles as we find that recycling is sufficient for the purposes of building city-worthy urban warriors. We don’t have anything against new bikes, it’s just not our focus at the moment. Send us an email if you have an interest is checking out a frame that we can build up for you!

And whether you’re getting a bike from us or just need a tune up or your bike is acting kinda funny, we wrench a bit over here and would love to help you out! Drop us a line and we’ll get you in here to see what all is up with your bike to make it road or dirt ready again.

We also have a bike parts whirligig you can whirl around. There’s gems in there that just might match your two-wheeled steed. While you’re at the shop, take a gander! You just might find exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Bici Parranda

currently ON HOLD. Check back soon for details on an upcoming online Biciparranda!


Oh what a magical creature! It’s simple really and an easily repeatable formula.

1 part bicycle-towed karaoke stage whirled up with mics and sound system
2 parts karaoke via tablet steeped in love
3 parts Ángelino ready to rock
2 hardy helpings of tandem (to tow the stage)

Voila!: mobile karaoke bike party!!!!

The Charioke comes out to play after the BiciParranda sometimes and you might catch it at your local international Bike!Bike! Conference and definitely at a CicL.Á.vía or tu. Maybe one day you might be able to rent it, but for now come here to see when it might make its way to the mean streets of L.Á. ready to bring it down to its knees with sheer out-of-key love.


Rosy The Cargo Bike

Rosy, a Cargo Bike Build by Re:Ciclos

Re:Ciclos is a multi-disciplinary build project utilizing bicycle technology and recycled materials as its foundation for education, expression and community engagement.  Re:Purposing, Re:Imagining, Re:Fabricating, and Re:Designing discarded bicycles and bicycle parts, the program is formatted to matriculate students through a build process, whether it is jewelry, bicycle-powered machines (bici-maquinas) or cargo bicycles and tandems.  Re:Ciclos teaches basic to advanced art, mechanics, fabrication and engineering with the aim of populating communities, individuals, organizations and businesses with bicycle technology in their everyday lives.

It's not about bicycles; it's about building.


Get in Touch...

140 Bimini Place
Koreatown, Los Ángeles, 90004

For appointments

Phone/Telefono: 213.216.2132

There is limited car parking available at Relámpago Wheelery. Please plan your trip accordingly. We are conveniently located close to the Beverly/Vermont Metro station and on several bus lines.